How to Plan for No Food Waste

Welcome to Zero Waste Week!

I’m honored to be one of the ambassadors for Zero Waste Week 2016, and have pledged to provide a series of videos on reducing food waste for this year’s campaign. Wish me luck uploading videos every day (:

The video series will be going through food consumption from start to finish — today’s video starts off before you even buy your food, as I give some tips on how to better plan your next grocery shopping trip. Many times we fail to see the amount of food we still have, run to impulse purchases, and end up with far more than what we need. Take a peek at the video below (:

If we learn to plan a bit more carefully, we’ll have a big win in regards to reducing food waste and reducing wasted money and resources. Here are a few links I like to refer to in helping me plan out my meals, as mentioned in the video:

Food52 — Beautifully curated food community with inspiring recipes. This website has an assortment of articles, tips, and more from foodies all over the world. Check it out if you’re open to trying something new.

Allrecipes — This has been one of my go-to websites for recipes because of its versatility. The comments section is always helpful, and the food community is quite the active one. You’ll find recipes that are backed by hundreds to thousands of ratings, which helps in choosing your next dish.

Sprouted Kitchen — One of my favorite food bloggers that makes eating vegetables all the more exciting. I always look to this blog for a little inspiration of how to eat seasonally and what I’d like to work on trying next.

Portion Size Plate — Start visualizing how much we really need to eat.

Be sure to check out the other ambassadors, pledge and sign up for additional tips, and start thinking about how you can start cutting down on waste in the kitchen!

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  1. What a brilliant first video, Christine – thank you! I love your advice on planning meals around what you already have and I’d never thought of it in the simple way that the higher the water content, the quicker the spoil. That’s genius and such a great way to remember which foods to use up first.

    1. Thank you Rachelle! It’s something I learned in the midst of studying food packaging, which I’ll also be having a video today on (:

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