Simplify Your Stuff: Recycling

Before I declutter, I always ask myself a few questions before throwing something away — one of those questions is: Is it recyclable?

You’d be surprised to find the variety of resources available in the states when it comes to recycling. More and more companies are working to ensure that at the end of product life cycles, that their products can return to the right stream and be repurposed and reused in whatever way possible. Though this can be debatable and I’m a huge advocate for refusing and reducing from the start, there happens to be times that it is quite difficult to avoid certain products, which at end of life, have to go somewhere.

I’ve shared a quick snippet on my take when it comes to recycling a few things I had accumulated for the past few months, and thought it would provide some insight to you if you didn’t know these things could even be recycled or repurposed within your local vicinity (:

With that, here’s my list of recycling resources — to find centers that take back the not so usual items, as well as some articles that I found helpful!

– Earth 911 Recycling Center Search Guide — This just one of the many resources out there, but I highly recommend finding some recycling areas for those tough to dispose items! You should be able to find almost everything within this resource.

– Plastic Film Recycling — A business I purchased a product from shared this with me when I was having doubts with the plastic bags they were shipping with their product. Was pretty bummed out about the plastic bags, but happy there’s a chance for them to be regenerated into new ones.

– Preserve Products — I also stumbled upon this while researching. This company is also partners with other brands to provide recycling services, in the case you are still in need of using these particular items which are made of #5 plastic, or polypropylene. Turns out I should be able to recycle my contact lens cases here too, as they’re made from polypropylene according to the manufacturer — I use the opti-free case, and doctors recommend that you replace every three months (bummer I know!). There are definitely zero waste alternatives for some of these products, but for the times you stumble upon these, this organization is here to help!

– Terracycle — Another popular take back program, so check out if there are any locations near your area if they collect things you need to recycle!

– Beth Terry’s Opinion on Recycling — Great author of the blog ‘Plastic Free Life.’ Be sure to check out her opinion on recycling, as well as her helpful and resourceful tips on the subject.

– How to Shop Online, packageless — An old post I wrote on shopping online, without unnecessary packaging. It’s always a struggle, but I have some tips on how to avoid extra packaging when at all possible!

Hope you guys find these resources as helpful as I did. As noted in the video, I highly encourage you to work from your consumption habits — learning to pick zero waste alternatives, refusing, and simplifying the things you use which often end up in the trash. Think sustainably from the start, and that’ll make your life a little easier along the way. (:

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